Is Healing Always Guaranteed?

Healing, as taught by prosperity gospel teachers, is something that is guaranteed through faith for anyone who believes. It’s a message centred on the idea that suffering can never be God’s will for anyone who believes in Him, an idea that a quick study of the life and death of Christ, the first church in Acts, Romans, and the book of Hebrews, will refute. It’s a message that sells us an ideal life where health and wealth are what we deserve and what we should claim as believers.


So while the good nurse talked to you at the abortion clinic, Hassan seated right next to you, your mind was made up. “Are you sure? You know you can always place your child for adoption? And your child’s father is willing to assist you, which very few girls have,” the nurse stated. She went on and on about how you must think about it thoroughly. To give you time to think about your decision, an assistant brought you some juice to drink. But your mind was made up.